How to Add a Screen Saver to Your Mac

Adding or removing a Mac screen saver is easy. Discover the two different ways to install or remove a screen saver.


macos screensaver install

This article provides a comprehensive guide to installing a personalized screensaver on your Mac. It outlines detailed steps for both automatic and manual installation methods, along with insights on how to remove a screensaver from your system.

How to Install Screen Savers the Easy Way

Apple offers a range of macOS screen savers, while there is also a wide selection of screen savers created by third-party developers.

The majority of Mac screen savers that can be downloaded are intelligent, as they possess the capability to self-install. Once you have finished downloading a screen saver, you can easily and quickly install it with just a few simple clicks.

  1. Visit a website that offers custom screen savers, such as Screensavers Planet or GitHub, and proceed to download a screen saver file specifically designed for Mac.
  2. If the downloaded file is compressed, simply double-click on it to extract its contents.
  3. To initiate the installation process, double-click on the extracted file.
macos screensever install
  1. Choose whether you wish to install the screen saver for the current user only or for all users, and then click on the Install button.
macos screensever install
  1. Go to System Settings and Screen Saver  tab. Select the new file in the right column to activate it as the screen saver.

How to Install Screen Savers Manually

In the event that an automatic installation fails, you can choose to install the screensaver manually.

Drag the downloaded screen saver to one of two locations:

  • /Library/Screen Savers/: The screen savers stored in this directory are accessible to all user accounts on your Mac. When the file path starts with “/”, it indicates that the file is located on your startup drive, starting from the root entry point. To find it, navigate to your startup drive, locate the Library folder, and then find the Screen Savers folder. Simply drag and drop your downloaded screen saver into this folder.
  • ~/Library/Screen Savers/: Screen savers stored in this specific location are exclusive to the user account currently logged in. The tilde (~) character at the beginning of the file path represents your personal home directory. For instance, if your home directory is named “guidvus,” the file path would be /Users/guidvus/Library/Screen Savers/. The tilde serves as a shortcut to your active user’s home directory. By placing screen savers in this folder, they will only be accessible to the user currently logged in.