Battery Icon Not Showing on macOS

If you are experiencing difficulties with the battery icon not being displayed on your Mac, we have outlined various remedies that can potentially resolve this issue.


macos battery icon missing

If you are using a battery-powered Mac, it is possible to activate the battery and percentage icons in the device’s menu bar. Nevertheless, numerous users have reported the absence of the battery icon on their Macs. Are you also experiencing the disappearance of the battery icon from the menu bar on your Mac? If so, continue reading to discover various potential solutions to resolve the issue of the battery icon not being displayed on your Mac.

How to Fix Battery Icon Not Showing on Mac

Enable the Battery Icon on macOS

Frequently, we unintentionally deactivate functions and mistakenly assume they are malfunctioning. Moreover, certain software updates may automatically activate or deactivate specific features. Consequently, an update could have deactivated the battery icon on your macOS. Therefore, prior to attempting any troubleshooting techniques, let’s explore the option of enabling the battery icon through System Settings.

MacOS Ventura and Above

Steps to enable Battery icon in macOS Ventura and above

macos control center
  1. Open System Settings on your Mac. 
  2. Click the Control Center option in the sidebar.
macos batter control center percentage
  1. Please scroll down and access the Other Module section on the right-hand side. In this section, you can activate the option labeled “Show in Menu Bar” under the Battery Module.

Restart Your Mac

Transient errors often evoke a sense of apprehension, especially when it comes to the possibility of a system reboot. However, we highly recommend performing a system reboot at this moment, and if you haven’t done so in a while, consider it an added advantage. Many transient errors can be easily resolved by simply restarting your Mac, and it is safe to say that this action can rectify the issue of the battery icon not appearing on your Mac.

The battery life of Macs has significantly improved following Apple’s transition from Intel processors to their own customized silicon processors. A large number of MacBook users tend to keep their computers running continuously without shutting them down. Consequently, rebooting the system presents an excellent opportunity to clear temporary cache and memory as well as address certain software bugs.

Here’s how to restart your Mac and fix the battery icon not displaying error.

macos restart
  1. Click on the Apple logo at the top left corner. 
  2. Select the Restart option from the list.
  3. Click Restart to confirm your selection. 

Instead, you have the option to long-press the power button on your Mac, causing it to shut down. Afterward, allow a few minutes to pass before pressing the power button once more to initiate the reboot process.

Check Battery in System Information

Is your Mac experiencing poor battery performance? Or is it unable to function without being connected to a power source? If so, it is possible that the battery in your Mac is defective or not functioning properly. Consequently, this issue may result in the battery icon not appearing on your Mac. To verify this, you need to access the System Information and assess the status of your Mac’s battery. The following steps will guide you on how to access the System Information and check the battery status of your Mac.

macos system information spotlight
  1. To open Spotlight Search, just press both the Command and Spacebar keys on your keyboard at once.
  2. Here, search for System Information and open the application.
  1. Now, click the Power option located in the Hardware section.
macos battery information

Ensure you check the Health Information section to determine the state of your Mac’s battery. If it indicates anything other than “Normal,” it is highly recommended to visit the nearest Apple Store and arrange for a battery replacement.

We trust that this article provides you with solutions to address the problem of the missing battery icon on your Mac. As previously stated, if none of the suggested methods prove effective, your best recourse is to seek assistance from Apple Support. Furthermore, the experts at an Apple Store’s Genius Bar may offer prompter identification and resolution of the issue compared to online Apple Support.