The Best ADHD Apps for iPhone in 2023

When choosing the best ADHD apps, we considered each app’s features, ease of use, and availability for iPhone devices.


iphone adhd app list

With its widespread impact encompassing countless children and adults across the nation, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) looms as a formidable challenge. More than 10 million adults in the United States also live with the condition, according to the National Institute of Mental Health.

This diagnosis often precipitates struggles with effectively navigating time, fending off distractions, processing information, and maintaining organization, focus, and productivity.

A multitude of individuals turn to their trusty mobile devices in search of solace through apps designed to alleviate these difficulties. Spanning a spectrum ranging from time and task management to bolstering focus and organization, the assortment of ADHD apps tailored for iPhones could conceivably serve as invaluable supplements, enriching and fortifying your daily regimen.

EndeavorOTC: Outplay ADHD

EndeavorOTC: Outplay ADHD

Through the use of a mobile video game, EndeavorOTC emerges as a specifically designed solution to lessen the difficulties caused by ADHD symptoms, including attention and functional aspects. Pioneering a groundbreaking milestone, it stands as the first FDA-authorized game curated for ADHD, harnessing the same technology underpinning EndeavorRx, which significantly aids children in managing their symptoms.

Upon initiating the game, you embark on a journey aboard a hovercraft, navigating through a vibrant and pulsating realm. The act of skillfully maneuvering around obstacles, accurately striking targets, and amassing items along your trajectory collectively ushers in a heightened state of focus. The game’s dynamic ecosystem gauges your responses and promptly adapts, calibrating the challenge level to precisely align with your abilities, thereby affording a personalized and customized experience.

To engage further, you can explore a demonstration of the game and avail of a free trial, an opportune precursor, before opting for a subscription commitment. Navigate through the App Store description to comprehend what to expect and receive recommendations, subsequently exploring the EndeavorOTC website brimming with videos, frequently asked questions, and supplementary particulars.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $15)


Inflow – Manage your ADHD

Inflow - Manage your ADHD

Inflow stands as a dedicated application meticulously crafted to cater to the unique needs of individuals grappling with ADHD. Its multifaceted approach aids in refining focus, attention, consistency, mood regulation, time management, mindfulness, and a plethora of other pivotal aspects.

Embarking on your journey with Inflow entails the initial step of responding to a series of inquiries pertaining to your symptoms. Subsequently, you’re afforded the opportunity to pinpoint the specific domains you wish to target for enhancement. Guided by your preferences, the app formulates a comprehensive plan tailored to bolster your chosen area of focus.

Inflow’s repertoire of offerings includes a curated roster of daily activities and timely reminders to anchor your attention throughout the day. The toolkit is further enriched by features intended to cultivate new habits, buttressed by the camaraderie of a supportive community. The app additionally provides a dedicated journaling space, empowering you to document your evolving habits. Furthermore, Inflow provides a gateway to engage with events hosted by counselors or coaches, lending an additional layer of expertise to your journey. The insights and wisdom gleaned from this app endeavor to aid you in sculpting a daily framework harmonized with your individual needs.

What sets Inflow apart is its genesis from a place of empathy; it was conceived by individuals who personally grapple with ADHD, thus uniquely positioned to empathize and offer effective assistance.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $22.49)


Focus@Will: Control Your ADD

Focus@Will: Control Your ADD

The potency of music as a transformative tool is undeniable. Its prowess spans the spectrum from invigorating to soothing and even bolstering concentration. Enter Focus@Will, a platform that curates a selection of meticulously edited and remastered tracks, meticulously stripped of all distractions. With this resource, you are poised to immerse yourself in melodies that evoke a sense of rhythm, warmth, or heightened motivation.

The modus operandi is elegantly straightforward. Opt for the genre that resonates with your prevailing mood or ongoing endeavor. Launch your session and bask in the backdrop of harmonious tunes marked by melody and rhythm. Akin to a companion for your productivity journey, Focus@Will extends a focus timer and productivity tracker, seamlessly integrating into your workflow. Offline listening capability enhances the app’s versatility, catering to your preferences and schedule. What sets this experience apart is its tailor-made nature—the music selection mirrors your individual inclinations, and the songs themselves are exclusive to the application.

Should you seek a straightforward tool to set you on the path of accomplishment, steer you toward daily objectives, and steer your tasks to completion, Focus@Will emerges as the quintessential solution, coupling music with an array of additional features to enrich your journey.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $4.99)


Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

Focus To-Do: Focus Timer&Tasks

For individuals grappling with the challenge of maintaining focus, a vital linchpin in managing ADHD, the employment of a tool tailored to enhance concentration while facilitating task completion assumes paramount significance. Enter Focus To-Do, an app poised to be your indispensable ally. This app offers a multifaceted approach, enabling you to not only meticulously list and monitor your tasks but also harness the potential of a focus timer to methodically tackle each task in succession. Furthermore, it prompts you to heed the importance of intermittent breaks, expertly striking a balance.

Embarking on your journey with Focus To-Do involves a streamlined process: You simply input a task, initiate the timer, and plunge into your work. Upon the timer’s culmination, a seamlessly integrated break timer comes to the fore, granting you the opportunity to stretch your legs or indulge in a snack. As the break concludes, the work timer resurfaces, prompting you to seamlessly transition back into the work groove.

Amidst its repertoire of offerings, Focus To-Do extends a spectrum of customizable features, enabling you to tailor the app to harmonize with your preferences. You can configure the Pomodoro timer and break durations to your liking, handpick the alarm sounds that resonate, opt for full-screen mode to expunge distractions, and even opt for white noise accompaniment as you navigate tasks. A particularly stringent facet known as “Strict Mode” stands ready for activation; it precludes you from exiting the app until your designated task is fulfilled.

In essence, Focus To-Do functions as an orchestration of tools, seamlessly amalgamating task organization, timer-driven focus, and strategic breaks to optimize your productivity endeavors. For individuals seeking an adept solution to align focus with task accomplishment, Focus To-Do steps in as the quintessential companion, adeptly furnishing you with a holistic suite of features for streamlined efficacy.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $1.99)


Forest: Focus for Productivity

Forest: Focus for Productivity

In moments where a surge of motivation is needed to tackle your to-do list while upholding laser-focused attention, consider enlisting the aid of Forest. This ingenious app masterfully transforms the pursuit of focus into a gamified experience. The premise is simple yet captivating: The app provides a tangible reward for resisting the urge to interact with your iPhone.

Embarking on this digital journey, you commence with a symbolic seed, nurturing aspirations of nurturing a resplendent and towering tree. As you steadfastly channel your focus and dedicate yourself to task completion, your arboreal companion thrives, its growth mirroring your diligence. Conversely, succumbing to distractions and the allure of your device causes the once-vibrant tree to languish.

Forest ingeniously amalgamates the principle of gamification, thereby furnishing you with the incentives required to resist the allure of your iPhone and concentrate on tasks. Your achievements are aptly rewarded by allowing you to plant an array of distinct trees while also unlocking access to varied white noise settings. The element of social engagement is woven into the fabric of the app; you can showcase your flourishing forest to friends, partake in competitive camaraderie with fellow Forest users, and relish the satisfaction of unlocking an array of achievements. Additionally, a connection to Apple Health facilitates the monitoring of your daily iPhone usage and screen time, reinforcing the pursuit of a balanced digital lifestyle.

When the imperative dictates unwavering focus on work or scholarly pursuits, even as the allure of social media or immersive gaming beckons, Forest stands as a steadfast ally, equipping you with the tools necessary to attain a state of unwavering concentration.

Price: $3.99 (In-app purchases start at $0.99)


MindNode – Mind Map & Outline

MindNode - Mind Map & Outline

For those who resonate with a visual thinking approach, an app designed to translate ideas into visual diagrams stands as an optimal choice. Enter MindNode, a dynamic mind-mapping application poised to facilitate the expression of your thoughts through illustrative frameworks.

Commencing your creative journey with MindNode involves the initiation of a central node, which serves as the bedrock for your pivotal idea. A simple tap gives birth to child nodes, seamlessly linked to auxiliary notions. This elemental framework extends to encompass parent, child, and sibling nodes, thereby providing a structured canvas to methodically organize your thoughts and concepts.

MindNode’s offerings span a gamut of utilities: you can seamlessly export or print your meticulously crafted mind map, seamlessly toggle to a written outline view, embed images to enrich your visual narrative, and conveniently expand or contract nodes to toggle between a condensed or expanded perspective. The visual cues inherent in this dynamic platform function as memory aids, enhancing recall and comprehension.

MindNode weaves a tapestry of conceptual clarity through its utilization of tree-like diagrams. As you artfully lay out your thoughts within this spatial arrangement, a sense of empowerment permeates, buoyed by the assurance that your ideas are comprehensively structured in an accessible visual language. In essence, MindNode metamorphoses into an instrument of mastery, enabling you to wield your ideas with finesse, translating intricate notions into an intuitive visual manifestation.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $2.99)


Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Headspace: Mindful Meditation

Meditation offers a pathway to alleviate the strains of daily life and attain a serene mental state. Commencing with a straightforward guided breathing session, Headspace serves as your starting point. Subsequently, you can delve into the application’s array of functionalities, selecting those that capture your interest and provide utility.

Opt for a session to initiate your day, experience an afternoon rejuvenation, or facilitate relaxation before sleep. Additionally, the app offers an assortment of meditative practices, exercises, and guidance tailored to your emotional state, current activity, or the specific time of day.

Your progress and prior chosen activities are at your disposal for review, along with the option to monitor and manage your stress levels proactively. Seamlessly integrate with Apple Health, establish Siri shortcuts, receive mindful notifications, and take command of your mental well-being through an application that you eagerly anticipate accessing daily.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $12.99)


Productive – Habit Tracker

Productive - Habit Tracker

Crafted with your needs in mind, Productive stands as a daily regimen and objective monitoring application, poised to serve as your personalized virtual assistant. It empowers you to structure your day, cultivate positive behaviors, receive timely prompts, track your advancement, and ultimately achieve your aspirations.

Upon your initial app launch, it offers a guided walkthrough, leading you through prompts to tailor the experience according to your requirements, focusing on areas where you most require assistance.

Subsequently, leverage the goal-setting feature, which encompasses endeavors such as maintaining physical fitness, enhancing sleep quality, mitigating stress, and nurturing mental well-being. Select a goal of significance and utilize the roster of recommended habits to forge constructive routines. On your calendar, you can easily see these by different times of the day.

Delving into a consistent daily schedule proves advantageous in managing symptoms associated with ADHD. Allow Productive to facilitate your journey towards this equilibrium while simultaneously aiding you in nurturing habits and realizing your aspirations.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start at $3.99)