Best Car Parking Apps for iPhone in 2023

Looking for a parking space in your neighborhood? Here’s a roundup of the best parking apps for iOS users that make it easy to find available parking spaces.


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We all have concerns about finding a secure parking space whenever we venture outside. Whether it’s within the city or in suburban areas, locations tend to become congested on both weekdays and weekends. Undoubtedly, a car represents a valuable investment, but thanks to car parking apps, the process of finding a parking spot has become hassle-free. While you may not have control over petrol and diesel prices, utilizing the top car parking apps allows you to select a secure area to park your car and enjoy your trip without stress. Prior to embarking on a journey, it is advisable to try out a parking app on your iPhone to avoid any unexpected inconveniences.

In this article, you will discover excellent car parking apps for iPhone that are guaranteed to assist you in finding the safest parking spot for your vehicle.

Best Car Parking Apps for iPhone


SpotHero, a highly trusted parking app with a global user base, is the premier choice for millions of individuals worldwide. Whether you’re planning a trip or dealing with car troubles, SpotHero is designed to assist you in locating the most suitable parking garage or lot for your vehicle. By utilizing the app, you can effortlessly discover and reserve the finest parking spots in major cities like New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Baltimore, Dallas, Houston, and many others. Booking your parking spot in advance through the app enables you to enjoy savings of up to 50% on fees. Furthermore, SpotHero seamlessly integrates with Apple CarPlay, allowing you to reserve the perfect parking spot without the need to physically interact with your phone.

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ParkMobile is a highly intelligent mobile application for car parking that comes highly recommended. With its exceptional capabilities, the app enables you to effortlessly reserve parking spots in various locations such as garages, streets, stadiums, and lots, all from the convenience of your mobile phone. Additionally, you have the flexibility to extend your parking duration directly within the app. Stay informed with timely notification alerts reminding you when your parking session is nearing expiration. Take advantage of a generous 50% discount on advanced parking reservations. Furthermore, the app allows you to conveniently book parking spaces for up to five cars simultaneously.

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Forget about your concerns regarding finding the optimal parking spot and discover the most trustworthy rates for your parking needs. Simply input your desired destination along with a notable landmark, and the application will locate the ideal parking space for you. It grants you the ability to compare prices among various garages and lots, enabling you to select the most reliable option.

Additionally, prior to reserving a spot, you have the option to explore additional parking facilities and amenities. Moreover, you can even locate the most affordable parking spaces within airport vicinities in major cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Newark, New York, and numerous others.

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When it comes to locating parking in major urban areas, you can rely on Parkwhiz. Parkwhiz enables you to effortlessly discover a suitable parking space by entering your destination near your current location and desired time. This application is completely free, providing a quick and convenient solution for finding the ideal spot for any vehicle. No hassles—your parking pass is obtained digitally. Simply scan your ticket through the app, and you’re all set. Additionally, if you make an advance reservation, you can enjoy up to a 50% discount on your parking fee.

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PayByPhone Parking

PayByPhone Parking is a widely used parking application in more than 1,300 cities around the globe. It is the highest-rated parking service accessible in 12 diverse languages, catering to drivers worldwide. The application offers a user-friendly experience, allowing users to effortlessly extend their parking time directly from their mobile phones.

Additionally, the app sends timely reminders to notify users when their parking session is about to expire. For frequent visitors to a specific location, the app provides the PayByPhone business feature, enabling users to save the location in the app and easily locate their parked vehicle. Moreover, users can conveniently review their parking history and keep track of their expenses within the app.

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Passport Parking

Passport Parking is an intuitive and efficient mobile application for parking, providing a seamless experience at no cost and with great speed. It is an absolute must-try for every vehicle owner seeking convenience. By simply downloading the app, locating the designated passport parking signs in your vicinity, driving to the corresponding spot, making your payment, and completing the process, you can effortlessly park your vehicle. In the event of a change in your plans, there’s no need to fret, as you can easily extend your parking duration through the app. Additionally, the app allows you to review your parking history, offering a comprehensive overview. Finally, at the conclusion of your parking session, you will receive a receipt for your records.

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