Best Encryption Apps for Windows

Looking to enhance the security of your Windows computer? Explore these top-notch encryption applications to bolster your protection.


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Encryption serves as a means to encode your data, rendering it inaccessible to unauthorized parties unless they possess a designated key or decryption password. Given the surge in online fraudulent activities and malicious software, it is advisable for consistent Windows users to implement data encryption, thereby introducing an additional stratum of security.

However, the task of selecting an encryption application from the plethora available can be overwhelming, often leading to a state of indecision. To streamline your search efforts, we have undertaken the task of evaluating numerous choices and have curated a compilation of the finest encryption utilities tailored for Windows users.

Best Encryption Apps for Windows


7-zip windows 11

While renowned for its adeptness in compressing and decompressing computer files, 7-Zip also excels in the realm of encryption.

To achieve this, 7-Zip employs a robust 256-bit AES cipher, which you can activate to secure your files. Encrypting an archive hierarchy with 7-Zip entails setting up a password, a prerequisite before gaining access to the filenames stored within the archive.

Released under the GNU LGPL license, the application grants you the freedom to incorporate its code base into your proprietary tools. Nevertheless, any alterations to the code mandate appropriate attributions and necessitate the sharing of the modified code.

The user experience is refreshingly straightforward. Merely select your desired files, compress them into an archive, and fortify the security by implementing encryption via a potent password.

Download: 7-Zip (Free)



Numerous encryption tools use the closed-source encryption model that is popular among tech companies. Consequently, your data remains susceptible to the whims of these entities, be they corporations or governments. This scenario leaves you with a level of security that may fall short of your desired standards.

VeraCrypt, on the other hand, distinguishes itself. It operates on an open-source encryption algorithm, a facet that ensures neither companies nor governments can compel VeraCrypt to decrypt your files.

Beyond this fundamental advantage, several other noteworthy attributes have captured our attention:

  • The application boasts cross-compatibility, functioning seamlessly on Windows, macOS, and Linux systems.
  • You possess the ability to encrypt entire partitions or storage devices, whether it’s a USB flash drive or a conventional hard drive.
  • Encryption is both automatic and real-time.
  • Furthermore, VeraCrypt includes a compelling feature known as “plausible deniability.” This functionality enables you to disavow any knowledge of your capacity to decrypt files or folders, or even to deny engaging in any encryption whatsoever. This resourceful attribute can prove invaluable should you find yourself compelled to decrypt your data under duress. For further insights into these capabilities, refer to the “Plausible Deniability” section on the official VeraCrypt website.

Naturally, you can obtain the application at no cost via the downloads section of the official website. These collective attributes position VeraCrypt as one of the premier encryption tools available for Windows users.

Download: VeraCrypt (Free)


Are you comfortable navigating through a command line interface? Perhaps you’re prepared to roll up your sleeves and delve into the intricacies of CMD. If that’s the case, we suggest you explore Age.

Age represents a contemporary file encryption framework, complete with a toolset and Go library. It introduces user-friendly attributes, including a straightforward, text-driven input interface where you can input your commands. Moreover, Age harnesses the power of a modern XChaCha20-Poly1305 encryption algorithm, solidifying its stature as a formidable contender in the field.

In the realm of password management, Age extends support for password-based encryption and decryption, in addition to robust key management. Hence, if you’re seeking an encryption solution grounded in a command-line environment (CLI), Age undoubtedly merits your attention.

Download:Age (Free)



Specifically tailored for Windows users, Gpg4win stands out as the optimal software selection when seeking a solution rooted in enduring, widely recognized standards.

This application serves as a proficient tool for securely transferring your files and emails through diverse channels, thanks to its adept utilization of encryption and digital signatures.

Although the concept of encryption is comprehensible, the significance of digital signatures often remains underappreciated. In essence, digital signatures safeguard your files from lackluster transfers and bestow an authoritative electronic seal, thereby guaranteeing their integrity.

I encourage you to explore this complimentary application and determine if it aligns with your requirements for encryption and enhanced security.

Download: Gpg4win (Free)


BitLocker stands for disk-based encryption functionality developed by Microsoft, affording you the means to safeguard your data with insightful provisions. Notably, the only limitation lies in its accessibility solely within the Pro, Enterprise, and Education editions of Windows.

Should your Windows version fall within the aforementioned categories, you have the opportunity to employ this feature and opt for one of two encryption avenues: hardware-centric encryption facilitated by a Trusted Platform Module (TPM) chip or software-driven encryption through a password or a USB flash drive.

It’s noteworthy that this tool is accessible without charge for the Windows editions specified above.

Download: BitLocker (Free)


For those deeply involved in cloud computing, Cryptomator stands out as the prime solution of choice. Irrespective of assertions from cloud companies, the security of your data when stored in the cloud remains incomplete.

Recall the 2022 breach involving LastPass, where hackers infiltrated LastPass’s cloud storage and pilfered user information.

Considering that many cloud service providers encrypt data during transmission or retain exclusive possession of encryption keys, it becomes evident that your data’s security is far from assured. In fact, these keys are susceptible to theft, duplication, or misuse.

The cryptomator alters this paradigm, ensuring that only you possess the decryption keys for your data. Additionally, Cryptomator adopts an open-source approach, rendering its code accessible to all, enabling users to scrutinize and confirm its absence of backdoors.

Moreover, Cryptomator undergoes regular independent security assessments within the open-source community, with detailed outcomes transparently disclosed on the official Cryptomator website. Hence, if your endeavors are rooted in cloud-based activities, Cryptomator establishes itself as one of the paramount encryption applications for Windows.

Downloads: Crytpomator (Free)

The Best Encryptions Apps for Your Windows PC

Encryption, along with the broader realm of cybersecurity, has transcended being a niche pursuit limited to a handful of enthusiasts. As nearly every facet of our lives embraces digital transformation, embracing top-tier cybersecurity protocols has become imperative, and the inclusion of an encryption application is a fundamental step in this direction.

It is advised to peruse the homepages of each of the applications mentioned earlier to glean additional insights. Subsequently, select one and integrate it into your routine for a period of time. This hands-on experience will expedite your comprehension of your specific requirements from the application, surpassing the comprehension derived solely from reading about various options.