The Best Calculator Apps for iPad

Utilize the superior calculator apps specifically designed for iPad and effortlessly perform calculations no matter where you are.


Calculator – Pad Edition ipad calculator

If your iPad serves purposes beyond gaming and social media, it’s essential to have the right tools to manage your workload. Surprisingly, the iPad does not come pre-installed with a calculator app. Nevertheless, you can rely on the App Store to find a wide range of options, from basic calculators to advanced ones with scientific capabilities. Take a look at these excellent calculator apps that can enhance your productivity on the iPad.

Best Calculator Apps for iPad

  1. Pcalc Calculator (Free): The most popular and top-notch calculator application for iPad, enabling users to perform both basic and advanced calculations effortlessly. The app boasts a user-friendly and intuitive interface, making it incredibly easy to use.
  2. Calculator – Pad Editon (Free): Designed to provide users with an optimal iPad experience, this calculator app stands out as the best choice. It closely resembles the calculator app found on iOS, offering a simple and user-friendly interface with support for both basic and scientific calculations.
  3. Calculator Plus V2 (Free): This app offers a more user-friendly interface with a sleek and minimal design. The free version of the app is completely ad-free, enhancing the overall user experience.
  4. Calculator with History+ (Free): If you’re seeking a comprehensive calculator app for iPad that allows you to keep track of your calculation history, look no further. This app provides excellent functionality for managing and monitoring your past calculations, all while maintaining a user-friendly and intuitive interface.
  5. Solves: Calculator for All (Free): Another notable app that emphasizes tracking your calculation history. With its straightforward, clean, and user-friendly interface, Solves Calculator is an excellent choice for a wide range of users.
  6. OneCalc: All-in-one Calculator (Free): Ideal for users who require both simple and advanced calculations along with customizable templates. OneCalc offers a user-friendly interface and supports resizing, making it highly suitable for a diverse user base.
  7. Calculator & Maths Solver (Free): This app stands out as the top calculator app for iPad due to its advanced math problem-solving capabilities. However, it is worth noting that the presence of annoying advertisements detracts slightly from an otherwise exceptional experience.
  8. NCalc Scientific Calculator + (Free): For those in search of a sophisticated scientific calculator app for their iPad, NCalc Scientific Calculator + is the optimal choice. It offers the functionality and features of a full-fledged digitized scientific calculator.
  9. Graphing Calculator X84 (Free): Catering specifically to math and engineering students, this advanced graphing calculator app is a valuable tool for tackling complex equations and graphical representations.

Pcalc Lite

Pcalc Lite ipad calculator

Pcalc, an iPad calculator app, is widely regarded as the most popular and top-notch choice for performing both basic and advanced calculations. It boasts a user-friendly interface that can easily adapt to various screen sizes while also offering advanced customization options to tailor the user experience, making it a highly favored calculator app for many individuals.

The application presents a user interface that is sleek, uncluttered, and contemporary, reminiscent of the iPad’s interface design. Furthermore, it provides various settings and customizable features, allowing users to personalize the application to a greater extent. In the app’s free version, users have the option to select between two themes: Samurai and Twilight. Moreover, while conducting calculations, users can modify the appearance of the digits, choosing from thin, LCD, or easily readable text. Additionally, they have the ability to adjust the size of the keys, customize key click animations and sounds, and modify the size of vertical and horizontal lines. The app icon can also be customized, among other features.

The app is designed to dynamically resize itself in Standard mode and Stage Manager, ensuring a seamless user experience. It also supports split-screen functionality, enabling users to perform calculations without having to exit the app they are currently using.

When it comes to computations, an essential aspect to consider, the application allows you to carry out fundamental calculations. It provides functionalities for performing arithmetic operations, converting units, working with technical and scientific notations, as well as supporting calculations in hexadecimal, octal, and binary formats. Moreover, the application offers the flexibility of enabling the optional Reverse Polish Notation (RPN) mode.

Immediate viewing of results is provided at the top of the interface. However, it should be noted that the app lacks a calculation history feature, which may disappoint users who prefer to review their past calculations. Notable features of the app include the ability to copy and share results, an ad-free experience, unrestricted usage without limitations, and availability as a free download. Furthermore, a premium version of the app is available, unlocking additional features and advanced calculation options. Pcalc is also compatible with other Apple devices, such as the iPhone and Apple Watch, further extending its accessibility.

Calculator – Pad Edition

Calculator – Pad Edition ipad calculator

Calculator – Pad Edition is the iPad iteration of the existing calculator application for the iPhone. This app presents a user-friendly interface that is uncomplicated and straightforward, featuring a contemporary design that evokes memories of the original iPad calculator app. It allows users to execute fundamental as well as scientific computations effortlessly, catering to both portrait and landscape orientations.

The app’s user interface stands out as its most notable feature. Among all the apps mentioned in this post, it is the one that provides a contemporary interface resembling the design of the iPad OS. All buttons have rounded shapes, and the text is displayed at a size that ensures visibility from any corner of the screen. The calculator’s settings are conveniently located on the right side, while the displays are positioned on the right side as well, featuring large fonts that can be copied with a long-press if necessary.

Furthermore, users have the ability to customize the calculator’s size, auto-size, and position, switch between the simple and scientific modes, enable key tones, add border lines, and more. If subscribed to the premium version, users can also choose from different themes.

The app allows users to carry out basic arithmetic and scientific calculations. Additionally, it incorporates built-in unit, fraction, and peak converters to cater to various calculation needs. The app conveniently stores all calculations in a history tab, offering easy access and one-click deletion.

While the free version of the app includes ads, which may be bothersome for some users, these ads are placed directly on the home page. The ads can be eliminated by opting for a premium subscription, which also unlocks additional features.

In summary, if you desire an iPad calculator app that closely resembles the iPad interface, Calculator – Pad Edition is your best choice. The app delivers simplicity and user friendliness while supporting both basic and advanced calculators. The only drawback lies in the presence of a distracting vertical hand on the home screen.

Calculator Plus V2

Calculator Plus V2 ipad calculator

If you’re seeking an ad-free calculator app that prioritizes simplicity, look no further than Calculator Plus v2. This app offers a clean interface reminiscent of the iOS built-in calculator, ensuring a user-friendly experience. Alongside its ad-free nature, Calculator Plus v2 boasts a range of other beneficial features.

This app enables you to perform both basic and advanced calculations effortlessly. The app presents a sleek, circular button design. Personally, one aspect I particularly appreciate is its captivating animation, which becomes even more visually appealing when displayed on a 120 Hz refresh rate screen. Furthermore, Calculator Plus v2 automatically saves all your calculations, allowing you to access them conveniently in the history tab. If desired, you can long-press on the results to copy them.

In addition to these functionalities, the app offers support for the Apple Pencil. You can write anywhere on the screen, and the app will intelligently recognize the numbers and inputs for you. However, it’s worth noting that the app sometimes struggles to differentiate between the numbers 1 and 7, resulting in the occasional misinterpretation when drawing 7.

Dictation input is another useful feature of the app, capable of comprehending most mathematical expressions. Simply long-press on the results tab and begin dictating your calculations. Furthermore, Calculator Plus v2 allows for customization of various key settings, calculator functions, and more, granting users flexibility in tailoring the app to their preferences.

Overall, when it comes to a straightforward, ad-free calculator app for iPad, Calculator Plus v2 reigns supreme. It can be downloaded for free and serves as an excellent choice for those seeking an alternative to the default calculator app on the iPad.

Calculator with History+

Calculator with History+

Next, we introduce Calculator Plus, a specialized tool catering to individuals who wish to save their calculations for future reference. This user-friendly app offers both basic and advanced calculation capabilities. However, the app’s design poses a minor issue.

The calculator interface fails to utilize the entire screen, and although a maximize button is provided in the bottom right corner, its functionality is limited, barely enlarging the calculator. Additionally, the alignment of the calculator with the button suggests a deliberate decision, possibly aiming for easy accessibility on iPads. As previously mentioned, the design maintains simplicity, featuring black, gray, and orange color schemes reminiscent of iOS calculators. While the free version allows customization of colors with six available options, the remaining choices are exclusively accessible through the premium version.

When it comes to computations, the application enables you to carry out both fundamental and complex scientific calculations. The app conveniently stores the calculation history at the top of the screen, allowing you to delete or restore the entire history by long-pressing the delete button. Moreover, if you prefer not to retain the complete calculation history, you have the option to disable this feature in the settings.

Regrettably, the app lacks the ability to resize and does not support an overlay feature, which may pose a drawback for individuals seeking multitasking capabilities during calculations. Notable features of the app include the availability of a premium version that unlocks additional functionalities and a free version without ads.

In conclusion, Calculator Plus emerges as the optimal choice for those seeking a calculator app with history support. However, the app’s inability to support resizing can be disappointing for users engaged in extensive multitasking on their iPads.

Solves: Calculator for All

Solves: Calculator for All ipad calculator

Solver Calculator for All is a user-friendly calculator designed to efficiently handle and organize all your calculations. If you require a calculator that provides comprehensive functionality and allows you to conveniently access and manage your calculations, the Solver Calculator app is the ideal choice for you.

This calculator presents a straightforward and intuitive interface, specifically featuring a dedicated section on the left side for effectively organizing and accessing all of your calculations. You can effortlessly review, retrieve, and delete them as needed. With the Calculator app, you have the capability to perform both basic and advanced calculations.

One aspect that I particularly appreciate about this app is its user interface. It boasts a simplistic, uncluttered, and user-friendly design, devoid of any advertisements. Additionally, the app supports various themes, allowing you to choose between two different visual styles. By default, the app provides blue themes, but you can switch to the classic theme for a more traditional iOS calculator experience. Best of all, this app is available for free.

All in all, the Solver Calculator is an exceptional application that prioritizes the organization and management of your calculation history. Its straightforward, clean, and user-friendly interface makes Solver a highly favorable option for a wide range of individuals.

OneCalc: All-in-one Calculator 

OneCalc: All-in-one Calculator ipad

Next, we present OneCalc, a powerful tool for your mathematical computations. OneCalc provides a wide range of calculation capabilities, covering areas such as finance, mathematics, rounding, date and time, and construction. The application offers a sleek and contemporary user interface designed to deliver a seamless experience. Additionally, it supports split-screen functionality and overlay support, enhancing its versatility.

One remarkable aspect we appreciate about this application is its exceptional user interface. It seamlessly adapts to our large iPad screen, fitting perfectly into every corner. A bottom navigation bar provides convenient access to advanced calculations, favorite functions, and the app’s settings.

By default, OneCalc offers a simple calculator for basic arithmetic operations. However, through the settings, users can switch to a scientific calculator that provides advanced options for scientific calculations. This allows users to perform a wide range of basic and scientific calculations. Furthermore, the application retains a complete history of all calculations made, enabling users to review their previous work.

Moreover, OneCalc provides advanced functionality in various domains, such as finance, mathematics, date, and time. Within each category, users can select specific calculations to perform. For instance, within the Health category, users can utilize the BMI calculator by inputting the required values, after which the application promptly displays the results. This feature proves particularly beneficial for individuals seeking specific calculations and students who can leverage pre-existing calculator templates to complete their homework assignments.

In terms of customization, OneCalc offers a diverse set of tools that empower users to personalize their experience. Users can select themes, choose preferred sounds, add vibrations, adjust decimal settings, and more, tailoring the application to their individual preferences.

While the free version of the application includes advertisements, these are only visible when using templates. Users have the option to upgrade to a premium subscription, eliminating ads and unlocking additional features. Overall, OneCalc stands out as the optimal choice for those seeking both simple and advanced calculations with convenient templates. Thanks to its intuitive user interface and resizable support, OneCalc caters to a wide range of users, making it an ideal mathematical companion.

Calculator and Maths Solver

Calculator and Maths Solver

The Calculator & Math Solver app is ideal for individuals seeking an advanced calculator application that can handle complex mathematical calculations. Additionally, this app offers the convenient feature of using your device’s camera to scan math problems and receive step-by-step solutions.

On the home screen, you can easily switch between different types of calculators by utilizing the Toggle tab. The available options include basic, scientific, fractions, and currencies. The basic calculator allows for simple arithmetic calculations, while the scientific calculator enables advanced calculations, fraction operations, and real-time currency conversions.

Once you’ve completed a calculation, you have the ability to copy the result, divide it, and even copy the entire equation. The app also maintains a history of all your calculations, which you can conveniently access through the History tab.

The user interface of the app is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. You have the option to customize the appearance by selecting different themes in the settings. By default, the app’s theme is optimized for iPad usage. Additionally, you can split the app, resize it, and use it as an overlay, providing you with flexibility in utilizing the app’s features.

In addition to its calculator capabilities, the app also offers math problem-solving functionality. This feature allows you to scan written math problems and receive clear, step-by-step solutions. Furthermore, the app provides a sketch option that enables you to write out the problem on a virtual drawing table, which proves particularly useful when using an Apple Pencil. Please note that access to the math problem-solving feature requires a premium subscription.

While the app provides an excellent user experience overall, it does have one drawback: the presence of ads, which can be quite bothersome. A large vertical banner ad is placed on the home page, which can be distracting during calculations. Additionally, an ad is displayed each time you open the app. However, by upgrading to a premium account, you can eliminate these ads and gain access to the math problem-solving feature.

In summary, if you are searching for a calculator app with advanced math problem-solving capabilities for your iPad, Calculator & Math Solver is the ideal choice. Although the app offers a superb experience, it is worth noting that the presence of ads can be irritating. However, upgrading to a premium account not only removes the ads but also grants access to the math-solving feature.

NCalc Scientific Calculator +

NCalc Scientific Calculator + ipad

If you’re a student or engineer seeking an iPad calculator app that can handle complex calculations, NCalc is the ideal choice. This app allows you to perform basic arithmetic operations, solve complex number equations, and more.

The calculator app’s keyboard layout closely resembles that of the 115 es, 91 es plus, and 991 ex calculators, and you can easily switch between them in the settings.

As previously mentioned, the app enables you to tackle both simple arithmetic calculations and advanced scientific computations, as well as solve intricate equations. Tapping on the results provides further insights, such as prime factorization, Roman numerals, divisors, binary 64-bit signed representation, scientific notation, and more.

In addition to its calculation capabilities, the app offers an extensive database of mathematical formulas organized into different categories. You can expand each category to view the formulas or utilize the search bar to find specific mathematical formulas. The app also supports running programs in various programming languages, unit conversions, diagram calculations, and much more.

The app keeps a record of all your calculations, accessible only in the premium version. The free version of the app includes advertisements, which can be eliminated by upgrading to the premium version. Overall, NCalc is the top choice for those seeking an advanced scientific calculator app for their iPad. It provides a fully functional digital scientific calculator experience on your device. Alternatively, if you prefer NCalc Scientific Calculator +, you can also try Desmos Scientific Calculator.

Graphing Calculator X84

Graphing Calculator X84 ipad calculator

Graphing calculators are sophisticated mathematical tools specifically designed for graphing and analyzing mathematical functions. In comparison to basic or scientific calculators, they possess advanced capabilities that enable complex mathematical operations. If you are in need of a high-level graphing calculator, this application could be the optimal solution for your requirements.

The calculator’s interface already provides a comprehensive range of options essential for advanced calculations. It allows users to perform both fundamental and intricate computations, such as employing advanced functions (e.g., Sin, Cos, Ln, E), manipulating Y-Var and Customize Functions (e.g., Y1, Y2), conducting fraction and degree/angle calculations, evaluating numerical integrals and derivatives, determining local maximum and minimum points, engaging in statistical analysis and regression, solving equations and polynomials, calculating integral functions, and much more.

One notable distinction is that the results are displayed on the left side, which might require a bit of adjustment for those accustomed to the right-side display. However, a simple tap on the graph button in the upper right corner effortlessly switches you to the graphing calculator. The app also conveniently saves all your calculations, allowing easy access through the history feature. While the free version of the app contains ads and limited functionalities, upgrading to the premium version offers an ad-free experience and unlocks additional features.