How to Change the Default Apps In Android

If the need arises to change the default apps on an Android device, this comprehensive guide will explain the step-by-step process for different scenarios.


android default browser change

In the event that your Android device harbors a multitude of applications with overlapping functions, there exists a feasible avenue to establish the most frequently employed one as the primary app. Furthermore, a majority of smartphones are equipped with a selection of preloaded apps, such as Chrome, for instance; however, should your inclination lean toward alternatives, customization is well within your reach. This instructional guide delineates the process of altering default applications within the Android system.

Setting Default Apps on Android via Settings

Modern Android devices offer the flexibility to customize default applications for essential functions like Phone, Contacts, or Browser, right from the Settings application. If you possess an Android 9 (or later) device, adhere to the provided instructions. In this guide, we will demonstrate these steps using an Android 13-powered Xiaomi smartphone.

  1. Launch the Settings application on your Android device.
  2. Proceed to the “Apps” section. (On certain devices, you may need to locate the “Apps & notifications” option.)
android default apps
  1. Scroll down until you reach the “Manage apps” option. Then tap the three dots in the upper right corner of the screen.
  2. In the window that opens, select “Default apps“.
  1. Choose an application from the provided list, which exclusively includes built-in apps. In this instance, we’ll opt for the “Browser app,” presently configured as the standard Chrome.
android default apps
  1. Tap your preferred web browser. (You’ll observe a compilation of all the browser applications you’ve installed on your device.)
  2. Utilize the back button to save the alterations. The Brave browser is now designated as our default web browser.

While in that location, you could also test how your phone manages hyperlinks. For example, you have the option to set up a hyperlink to a news article that will immediately launch The Guardian app, provided you have it installed.

android opening links settings
  1. Within the “Default apps” section, click on “Opening links.”
  1. Confirm that “Instant apps” is turned on at the top. This lets you launch web links in instant apps, provided they’re compatible.
  2. Pick your preferred app from the given list.
android open links 2
  1. Activate the “Open supported links” switch at the top, if it’s not already on. If this option is disabled, links will open in your web browser.