How to Clear App Cache on Android

Would you like to clear the cache on your Android smartphone? We show you how to do that.


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You can get a performance boost by clearing the cache on your Android device. Clearing the app cache on an Android device is often a good idea: You can do it, for example, when it comes to inefficiently used storage space. A program’s cache acts as its short-term memory. To clear the cache, simply follow our guide.

How to wipe an app’s cache data

You can clear the “data” of an app that you have identified as causing poor performance or taking up too much space by following the steps below.

How to clear app cache on Android
  1. Open Settings > Apps.
  1. Select the app whose cache you want to clear.
  1. Tap Storage.
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  • Tap “Clear Cache” to clear the app cache. Tap “Clear all data” to delete all data related to the app.

Clearing the cache deletes temporary files that belong to the app itself. Clearing data deletes settings, passwords and other information, if any, and resets the app to factory settings.

Clearing a cache is a quick way to gain storage space. When you use an app, it creates a new cache of temporary files.

What is the benefit of clearing an application’s cache?

The cache contains temporary files that can improve the performance of applications. However, sometimes this can have the opposite effect. These files can become excessive in size or persist permanently. Or they can become outdated or corrupt. All of this can cause the application to behave erratically or crash.

In such cases, clearing the cache can solve these problems and is often an important step in troubleshooting issues with your device.

Common Android cache problems

Most of the time, you can tell which app is causing problems by its constant crashes. If that’s not the case, start with the browser, then move on to social media apps like Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Finally, take a look at all apps that access the internet and, of course, the apps that take up the most space.

What is the .CACHE files?

A file with the CACHE file extension is where apps on your phone store temporary information that they assume you will use frequently. This behavior allows the app to access the data it needs to work faster than usual. This noticeably improves the app’s performance.