How to Display the Command Line in Task Manager of Windows 11/10

Incorporate a convenient diagnostic instrument within the Task Manager of Windows 11, featuring a dedicated Command Line section.


windows 11 task manager command line

The Task Manager stands as a vital utility within the Windows ecosystem, empowering users to oversee running applications and background processes. This tool serves as an informative window into the utilization of CPU, memory, disk, network, and GPU resources by diverse software and processes. It’s worth noting that, out of the box, the Task Manager lacks the ability to showcase the specific command lines employed by these processes.

Should your intent involve glimpsing into the command lines through the Task Manager, your quest concludes here. This piece furnishes meticulous, sequential guidance on the process of incorporating the command line tab into the Task Manager of Windows 11.

Why Add a Command Line Tab to Task Manager?

The Task Manager’s Processes section presents an inventory of currently active processes. Nevertheless, it doesn’t exhibit the command-line parameters employed by these processes as a default setting.

Gaining access to these command-line parameters can prove crucial for troubleshooting. As an illustration, when tackling elevated CPU utilization on a Windows system, you can scrutinize the command-line parameters to verify the instructions that trigger a processor-intensive task.

Furthermore, malicious software frequently capitalizes on command-line parameters to propagate within a computer system. Through a careful examination of the command-line section within the Task Manager, one can pinpoint processes employing dubious command-line parameters.

Display Command Line in Task Manager

Below are sequential guidelines detailing the process of incorporating a command-line tab into the Task Manager of Windows 11:

  1. Initiate the Task Manager by utilizing the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc. In case this approach proves ineffective, explore alternate methods to initiate the Task Manager.
  2. Opt for the Processes tab situated in the left-hand sidebar.
  3. Execute a right-click on the Name tab, subsequently selecting the Command line choice.
windows 11 task manager. command line add

A fresh command line section is set to be introduced alongside the existing Status column. In forthcoming instances, should you desire to eliminate this command line segment, simply perform a right-click on the Name tab, followed by selecting the Command line choice once more.

windows 11 task manager command line

It will be noticeable to both active applications and tasks running in the background.

You have the option to replicate the identical procedure within the Details section. Navigate to that tab and perform a right-click on the uppermost row. This will trigger the opening of a box labeled Select columns.