How to Enable “Fast” Haptic Touch On iPhone With iOS 17

On iPhones with iOS 17, there is a new ” Fast” setting option for Haptic Touch. This new ” Fast” option in iOS 17 takes Haptic Touch up a notch by improving its responsiveness.


ios 17 haptic touch

For quite a while now, Haptic Touch, formerly known as 3D Touch, has been a feature present on iPhones. It provides users with a simple way to access an app’s functions without having to actually open the app. To utilize Haptic Touch, all you need to do is press and hold on an app or interactive icon on your iPhone. This action will trigger a menu to appear, offering various quick options relevant to the item you’re engaging with.

What Is Fast Haptic Touch on iOS 17?

Apple provides users with the ability to control the speed at which overflow menus appear on the screen when they press and hold an app or icon using Haptic Touch. Prior to iOS 16, Apple only allowed users to choose between two speeds: Fast and Slow. However, in iOS 17, there are now three speed options available: Fast, Default, and Slow.

The new “Default” setting in iOS 17 functions similarly to the “Fast” setting in iOS 16. On the other hand, the new “Fast” setting in iOS 17 is noticeably quicker than both the “Default” and “Slow” options, displaying context menus several hundred milliseconds faster than the older “Fast” setting in iOS 16.

To simplify the understanding of these settings, here’s a concise overview:

  • iOS 17 “Fast”: Faster animation compared to iOS 16 “Fast”
  • iOS 17 “Default”: Same speed as iOS 16 “Fast”
  • iOS 17 “Slow”: Same speed as iOS 16 “Slow”

In essence, while the iOS 17 “Default” and “Slow” choices remain consistent with their previous behavior, the new “Fast” option in iOS 17 provides significantly more responsive feedback than any of the other available options.

How to Enable Fast Haptic Touch On iPhone With iOS 17

To enhance the speed of Haptic Touch beyond its previous performance, ensure that your iPhone is operating on iOS 17 beta 2 or more recent iterations. Achieve this by navigating to Settings > General > Software Update.

  1. To activate Fast Haptic Touch, access the Settings application on your iPhone.
Enable Fast Haptic Touch On iPhone With iOS 17
  1. Within Settings, scroll through the options and pick Accessibility.
ios17 haptic touch 6
  1. Within the Accessibility menu, touch the option labeled Touch located under the section titled “Physical and Motor“.
ios 17 haptic touch fast
  1. Now, proceed to tap on Haptic Touch.
Enable “Fast” Haptic Touch On iPhone With iOS 17
  1. On the subsequent screen, choose Fast from the choices listed under “Touch Duration“.
Enable “Fast” Haptic Touch On iPhone With iOS 17
  1. Once this preference is set, you can evaluate the increased response speed by performing a prolonged press on the flower image found in the “Touch Duration Test” segment.