How to Enable New System Components Page for Settings on Windows 11

A recent addition to the Settings app is the System Components page. The following instructions will guide you through enabling this feature on your Windows 11 system.


windows 11 system components

Microsoft is in the process of developing an additional section within the Settings app. This new section, known as System Components, consolidates all built-in applications, codecs, and plugins into a single location.

This addition streamlines the management of software bundled with the operating system. It presents users with a familiar interface similar to the “Installed apps” page, complete with icons, installation dates, app sizes, and additional options for examining component features and uninstallation.

Initially, the System Components page displays apps in a list format, but users have the flexibility to switch to an icon view.

This introduction of a dedicated page marks a positive shift. It segregates the Installed Apps section exclusively for third-party software while enhancing discoverability and control over pre-installed apps, Windows Extensions, and codecs. This prevents them from being buried within an extensive collection, particularly on computers with numerous applications installed.

As of now, the System Components page is concealed in Windows 11 Build 25926 (Canary). It remains a work in progress, and Microsoft is likely to refine it further before an official public release. However, if you’re currently using Build 25926, you can access this feature immediately.

To activate the hidden System Components page within Windows 11 Settings, follow these steps.

How to Enable the System Components Page in Settings

  1. Retrieve the ViVeTool application from its dedicated repository on GitHub.
  1. Double-click the zip folder to open it with File Explorer. Click the Extract all button.
  2. Click the Extract button and copy the path to the folder.
windows 11 command prompt
  1. Access the Start menu. Continue searching for “Command Prompt“. Once you find the top search result, right-click on it and select “Run as administrator” from the menu that follows or click on “Run as administrator” in the right area.
  2. Type the following command and press Enter to navigate to the ViveTool folder:
    • Note Edit the folder path according to your own preferences.
cd C:\Users\guidvus\Downloads\ViVeTool-v0.3.3
  1. Enter the subsequent command to activate the System Components page within Settings, and then press the Enter key:
vivetool /enable /id:44702824
windows 11 vivetool
  1. Restart the computer.

After you’ve executed the provided instructions, the next time you access the Settings app and navigate to the “System” category, you’ll discover a freshly added “System Components” page. It’s worth noting that, due to its ongoing development, this feature will encompass both Windows 11 components and third-party applications.