How to Enable New Windows 11 Mica Material on Chrome

Google Chrome version 115 now includes compatibility for the mica material design of Windows 11. Learn how to activate this feature with the following steps.


chrome reading mode mika windows 11

In this guide, we’ll delve into enabling mica material support on Google Chrome 115. Mica material, a Windows 11 design feature, delicately blends the app’s backdrop hues with a partially translucent blur, akin to frosted glass. This effect, reminiscent of gazing through a frosted window, now graces Google Chrome and is primarily visible in the title bar.

Anyone using version 115 or any subsequent updates can activate this feature, even though it is currently in preview. However, this fresh design aspect functions exclusively in the absence of a personalized theme or theme color. Moreover, the 115 update ushers in a novel “Reading mode” encounter for the side panel. This mode facilitates an uninterrupted perusal of the active page by systematically stripping away all distractions, be they ads, images, or sidebars.

Enable New Mica Material on Chrome

To implement the fresh mica design aesthetic in Google Chrome, follow these instructions:

  1. Open Google Chrome (115 or higher).
  2. Enter the provided path into the address bar and hit Enter to access the “flags” experimental options. From there, you can activate the setting that enables the integration of mica into the title bar.
  1. Find the “Windows 11 Mica titlebar” setting and select Enabled.
windows 11 chrome mica support
  1. (If desired) Enter the given pathway into the address bar and hit Enter to access the “Reading Mode” configuration.
  1. Use the “Reading Mode” setting on the right and select the Enabled option.
chrome reading mode enabled
  1. Click the Relaunch.

Upon successfully following the outlined instructions, you will notice Google Chrome displaying a title bar that utilizes the Windows 11 mica design. Enabling the Reading mode function will allow you to utilize it differently: by initiating the “Side panel” from the upper-right corner and selecting the “Reading mode” option.