How to Enable New Outlook App Dark Mode on Windows 11

Switch to Dark Mode for an undistracting viewing experience in the new Outlook app.


windows 11 outlook settings dark mode

Within the realm of Windows 11, the recently introduced Outlook application presents a choice to transition between its light and dark color modes. This instructional manual aims to elucidate the procedure for accomplishing this.

The fresh Outlook app offers an innovative experience designed to supplant the Mail and Calendar apps, along with the classic Office edition of Outlook. It boasts a harmonized layout, drawing from the web-based service experience. By default, the setup adjusts the color arrangement to correspond with Windows 11’s color mode. However, you retain the ability to independently switch the Outlook color mode to dark through its settings.

Contained within this guide are lessons detailing the sequential maneuvers to alter the color mode within the novel Outlook application for the Windows 11 platform.

Enabling Dark Mode in New Outlook App

  1. To commence, navigate to the Start Menu and input ‘Outlook’ in the search bar. Subsequently, from the displayed search outcomes, select the ‘Outlook’ application.
windows 11 outlook
  1. Within the Outlook window, locate and select the ‘gear‘ icon situated on the toolbar. This action will initiate the opening of an Outlook Settings window, which will appear on your display.
windows 11 outlook settings
  1. While on the Settings screen, navigate to the left sidebar and choose the ‘General‘ tab. Following that, proceed by clicking on the ‘Appearance‘ tab, where you will find the ‘Dark‘ option.
windows 11 outlook dark mode

For additional personalization, you have the option to pick a theme from the array of choices presented in a grid format. Once your selection is made, simply click on the ‘Save’ button to implement the modifications.

windows 11 outlook classic themes

When operating in low-light conditions or during nighttime hours, utilizing Outlook’s dark mode can effectively diminish eye fatigue. Additionally, you have the option to synchronize it with the system’s overall appearance, allowing for seamless toggling as needed.