How to Enable Screen Distance on iOS 17

Screen Distance is an innovative functionality designed to safeguard your eyes against myopia and the adverse effects of digital fatigue.


ios 17 screen distance

Apple has previously introduced various functionalities aimed at safeguarding our eyes and alleviating strain. These include features such as Night Shift, True Tone, Dark Mode, and others. Recently, Apple unveiled another eye-protection feature as part of iOS 17, appropriately named Screen Distance. This feature effectively notifies users when their iPhone is positioned excessively close to their eyes, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a safe viewing distance.

What is Screen Distance on iOS 17?

The purpose of the Screen Distance feature is to alleviate eye strain and mitigate the risk of myopia in children. By utilizing the TrueDepth camera, the iPhone can detect when the device is held too close to the eyes for an extended period of time. Ideally, it is recommended to maintain a reasonable distance of 16–18 inches between the iPhone and your eyes.

If the distance between the screen and the eyes decreases to below 12 inches, a screen distance warning will be displayed. This clever feature ensures that the warning only appears after a certain period of time. The warning message states “iPhone is Too Close” and advises users to keep their phone at arm’s length to safeguard their eyesight. To dismiss the warning, simply press the continue button.

How to Enable Screen Distance on iOS 17?

The introduction of the Screen Distance feature occurred when iOS 17 was first released. It’s important to note that iOS 17 is currently in its initial beta phase. Consequently, we advise against installing the iOS 17 developer preview on your primary device.

Screen Distance is not enabled by default. Follow the steps below to enable Screen Distance on iOS 17

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Screen Time.
screen time ios 17 iphone
  1. You will find the Screen Distance option in the Screen Time Settings menu. Simply tap on it to access and choose your desired screen distance setting.
ios 17 screen distance
  1. On the initial launch, a banner will be displayed as an introduction. This banner contains vital details regarding the Screen Distance. To proceed, simply tap on the Continue button.
screen distance ios 17
  1. A new popup emerges, presenting a demonstration of the feature’s functionality and the recommended distance for optimal viewing. Click the “Activate Screen Distance” or “Continue” option.
screen distance iphone ios 17
  1. In the next screen toggle on Screen Distance option.
ios 17 screen distance

Screen Distance has been activated on your iOS 17 device. It is expected to aid in reducing the potential harm caused by digital eye strain. Screen Distance is designed to be used with iPhone XS and more recent models, as well as with the 11-inch and 12.9-inch iPad Pro models that were introduced in 2018 and onwards.