How to Enable Sensitive Content Warning macOS Sonoma

A complete tutorial on enabling and effectively utilizing the Sensitive Content Warning functionality on a Mac computer powered by macOS Sonoma



Your Mac device offers the convenience of easily sharing images and videos. Nevertheless, there is always a risk of encountering or sharing inappropriate content unexpectedly. To prevent such situations, you can make use of the Sensitive Content Warning feature available in macOS Sonoma. Whether you are a vigilant guardian or simply seek a more mindful browsing experience, this article will guide you through the process of enabling the Sensitive Content Warning on Macs running macOS Sonoma and subsequent versions.

What Is the Sensitive Content Warning in macOS Sonoma?

The “Sensitive Content Warning” privacy and security feature enhances the existing communication safety measure, which is designed to safeguard you and your children from accessing inappropriate content such as unsolicited photos and videos that are sent through FaceTime Message, AirDrop, iMessage, and similar platforms.

How Does Sensitive Content Warning Work?

The Mac utilizes on-device machine learning to identify harmful content received from supported applications. This feature is activated to flag any content that may be deemed inappropriate. If violent, disgraceful, or graphic images are detected, the content will be blurred or concealed.

What Happens When a User Tries to Access Content While the Warning Is Enabled?

The next time you attempt to access confidential information, you will be alerted with a notification. The notification page will present you with three choices: Not Now; Ways to Get Help and I’m Sure.

  • Not Now: Choose this alternative if you prefer not to avail yourself of the Content.
  • Ways to Get Help: This choice will direct you to the relevant resources and links where you can seek assistance in case you have received sensitive Content without your consent.
  • I’m Sure: Opt for this selection if you wish to access the received Content without any warning.

Which Apps Support Sensitive Content Warnings?

Currently, the Sensitive Content Warning feature is primarily available for Apple apps and services. However, Apple has extended its availability to third-party apps, allowing us to include the following apps in our selection:

  • AirDrop.
  • Apple Messages.
  • Third-party Apps.

What Type of Content Can Get a Sensitive Content Warning?

Videos and images found to have offensive content will be categorized as “Sensitive Content,” which includes materials depicting shame-inducing scenarios, such as explicit videos, inappropriate photographs, offensive screenshots, and memes containing harmful content.

How to Enable Sensitive Content Warning in macOS Sonoma

Now that you have a solid grasp of what the “Sensitive Content Warning” entails, let’s explore the complete procedure for enabling this feature in macOS Sonoma on your Mac.

Please keep in mind that this functionality was implemented in macOS 14. Therefore, if you have not yet upgraded your Mac computer, we suggest referring to our article that provides instructions on updating your Mac.

  • Select the Apple logo and navigate to the System Settings..
  • Access the Privacy & Security option located in the left-hand panel.
  • Locate the Sensitive Content Warning setting on the right-hand side.
macos sonoma sensitive content warning
  • Enable the toggle next to the Sensitive Content Warning.
  • After activating the feature, you will find a list of apps and services that are compatible with this function under “App & Service Access“. Simply toggle the switch next to the desired app to enable the Sensitive Content Warning for it.
macos sonoma sensitive content warning

Furthermore, there is an option available to enhance the Sensitive Content Warning. When enabled, your messages or data will undergo analysis and may be shared with Apple. This feature is not mandatory, so if you prefer to maintain the complete anonymity of your data, you can choose to keep it deactivated.

FAQs Sensitive Content Warning

Is It Possible to Modify the Sensitivity Settings of the Sensitive Content Warning Feature?

Regrettably, the Sensitive Content Warning feature in macOS Sonoma does not provide users with the option to adjust sensitivity levels according to their preferences.