Find the Windows Product Key Using CMD or PowerShell

Locating your Windows 10 and Windows 11 Product Key can be accomplished using either CMD or PowerShell, employing two separate methods.


windows 11 activation screen

A product key is an exclusive alphanumeric sequence that serves to authenticate the use of a genuine instance of the Windows operating system. It is noteworthy that the necessity for the product key in relation to your Windows system is infrequent, given that the operating system is commonly preloaded onto the device.

Nevertheless, in a scenario where the reinstallation of the operating system is imperative, the input of this key could become obligatory. It is reassuring, however, that the retrieval of your Windows 11 product key can be effortlessly accomplished through the use of the Command Prompt. Additionally, for the sake of enhancing user convenience, we will also delineate the procedure employing PowerShell.

Find Your Windows 11 Product Key Using the Terminal

To ascertain your product key through Command Prompt, navigate to the Start Menu and input ‘Terminal.’ Following this, upon observing the search outcomes, execute a right-click action on the ‘Terminal’ icon and opt for the ‘Run as administrator‘ choice.

windows 11 terminal

A User Account Control (UAC) dialog box will emerge on your monitor. Should you not be currently authenticated using an administrative account, kindly input the corresponding credentials. Alternatively, if you are indeed logged in as an administrator, you may opt to select the ‘Yes’ option in order to advance.

windows 11 uac

Proceed by selecting the ‘Chevron’ symbol, represented as a downward-pointing arrow, followed by opting for the ‘Command Prompt’ alternative. This action will result in the initiation of the ‘Command Prompt’ within a fresh browser tab.

windows 11 powershell

Ultimately, input the provided code, then press the Enter key to execute the command.

wmic path SoftwareLicensingService get OA3xOriginalProductKey
windows 11 powershell

Upon successful completion of the process, the product key will be displayed on the screen.

You also have the option of locating your product key through the utilization of PowerShell. To accomplish this, transition to the ‘PowerShell‘ section and input the provided code snippet, followed by pressing the Enter key to execute the command.

powershell "(Get-WmiObject -query ‘select * from SoftwareLicensingService’).OA3xOriginalProductKey"
windows 11 powershell key find

You will now have the ability to view your product key displayed on your screen.

The methods described here will not work on digitally activated Windows 10 or Windows 11 systems. These people can use the ProduKey application from Nirsoft.

Understanding your Windows Product Key can prove to be extremely useful when you need to perform a fresh installation of the operating system. This comprehensive tutorial is designed to assist you in precisely accomplishing this task through the utilization of both Command Prompt and PowerShell.