Free Apps to Improve macOS User Experience

While macOS does offer a range of excellent built-in apps from Apple, it’s true that some users may find certain features and tools missing.


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The Mac is well-equipped by default, yet macOS lacks some essential features and tools. For instance, you might encounter difficulties opening certain archive files or playing videos sent by Windows users. Additionally, uninstalling apps completely can be challenging, as remnants may run in the background. To tackle these common issues, we present a selection of exceptional free apps that address these problems.

These three Mac apps will undoubtedly enhance your computing experience. From a comprehensive uninstaller that ensures the complete removal of applications to a versatile archive extractor that covers all formats, and an app enabling you to play virtually any video file, they will make your life easier and more efficient.


macos app cleaner

Generally speaking, you can uninstall apps from the Mac by dragging them from the Applications folder into the Trash, and then emptying the Trash. However, many modern apps also scatter files and data in various locations, from the user library folders to system library and cache folders and beyond. This is where AppCleaner comes in. It thoroughly uninstalls apps from macOS by locating all related directories, folders, and files scattered throughout MacOS and the user’s home directory, and removes them as well. AppCleaner is so thorough at uninstalling apps and has such useful capability that it’s a tool that macOS should include by default.

Using AppCleaner is free and simple. Just launch the app, then drag and drop the app you want to uninstall into AppCleaner, and click “Remove”.

Download AppCleaner 

The Unarchiver

macos unarchiver

Although most users commonly encounter .zip files while downloading content from the internet, there is a plethora of other archive file formats like .rar, .tgz, .sit, .7zp, .xip, and numerous others. While the default Mac unzip method effectively handles zip archives, it falls short when dealing with various other formats. This is where Unarchiver proves its worth.

Download Unarchiver

VLC media player

macos vlc media player

Have you ever come across a video on the web that you couldn’t watch? Perhaps you downloaded a movie from torrents or newsgroups but couldn’t open it. Or maybe a friend from the Windows world sent you a video file that QuickTime failed to load. In such situations, VLC comes to the rescue. With VLC, you can open virtually any video file format you encounter, allowing you to play and enjoy whatever content you come across out there.

Download VLC


Rectangle macos app

Open source window manager based on the Spectacle app. Rectangle is a powerful window management application developed in Swift and inspired by Spectacle. With Rectangle, users have the flexibility to tailor dozens of actions, ranging from custom screen layouts to precise window positioning, all conveniently controlled through customizable shortcuts. This app empowers users to efficiently manage their workspace and improve their productivity by effortlessly organizing their windows.

Download Rectangle