How to Add a Photo Widget to iPhone Lock Screen

With this app you can add a photo widget to the iPhone Lock Screen.


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Widgets may now be used on the Lock Screen, which is one of the most exciting new features included in iOS 16. On the other hand, as of the time that this article was written, iOS does not allow a picture widget on the Lock Screen. But you will be relieved to know that you will not have to wait up till Apple launches the widget for Photos on the Lock Screen.

You can have this right away with the assistance of an app developed by a third party. In order to add a widget to the lock screen for the sake of this guide, we will utilize Widgetsmith. When Apple first debuted Home Screen widgets a few of years ago, Widgetsmith almost immediately became a fan favorite. It is now possible to utilize it for the widgets on the lock screen.

Download Widgetsmith on your iPhone

Widgetsmith, enables you to put a photo widget directly on your iPhone’s lock screen. You also have the option of selecting a certain album to see photographs from inside that album. One touch on the Lock Screen gives you access to all of the images you have stored in it.

If you do not already own the application, you will first be required to download it. Otherwise, you can skip to the next step right away. You can launch the App Store from your device’s home screen or app library, whichever you want.

How to add a photo widget to iPhone Lock Screen
  1. Tap the ‘Search’ icon in the bottom right corner of the screen to continue.
How to add a photo widget to iPhone Lock Screen
  1. Then, in the box provided, please type “Widgetsmith” and tap the “Search” button. When the search results load, click the “Get” button to start downloading the app. You will need to enter a passcode or use Face ID to install the app on your iPhone.

Create the photo widget in Widgetsmith

  1. Once downloaded, launch Widgetsmith from the Home Screen of your device.
  1. Then, in the lower left corner, tap the ‘Widgets’ tab.
  1. Then, tap the “Lock Screen” tab.
How to add a photo widget to iPhone Lock Screen
  1. Then, to continue, you need to scroll down and tap on “Add Rectangular Widget” or “Add Circular Widget”. Both widget types follow the same procedure. Let’s use the square widget as an example here. Selecting it will open a new window area on top of your current screen.
  1. Now, pick “Photo” if you just want to show one image in the widget. Continue reading for details on how to include a slideshow.
  1. Then, tap on the ‘Photo’ tab. In iOS, you may choose an image by dragging it from your photo library or files to the appropriate spot.
  1. A preview of the photo will be shown here. You can pinch and zoom the photo with your fingers. Zooming in on faces or deleting the background to focus on a person are two other options available.

Add the photo widget to Lock Screen

  1. Close the app and turn off the screen by pressing the power button on your iPhone. Then wake up the screen with Face ID or Touch ID. Access the Lock Screen selection page by tapping and holding the Lock Screen. The next step is to tap the “Customize” button.
  1. Next, locate the ‘Widgetsmith’ widget and select it. This will open another window on your screen.
  1. Next, select the “Rectangular Widgets” option after swiping from left to right to find it.
  1. That’s all; the Photo widget should now appear on your lock screen. The image or album you selected earlier in this tutorial will be shown by the widget. To close the overlay window, use the “X” button.