How to Change the Default Browser on Mac

The Safari web browser, created by Apple, is installed on all Macs by default. In this article, we’ll show you how to alter your Mac’s default browser settings.


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Because you’re using an Apple product like an iMac or MacBook, you’ve probably seen that Safari is already installed and set as the default web browser. Make Chrome or your current browser of choice your default browser if you find yourself utilizing it often. The procedure is described in full below, and it is easy and fast to follow out.

How to change the default browser on Mac

Once you have installed your favorite browser on your Mac, you can follow the following procedure.

Click on the Apple menu and select System Preferences.

safari how

In the window that appears choose General.

safari ok

When you choose the Default web browser option, a choice of browsers from which to choose will emerge.


Select the one that will become your default browser and close the window.

If the browser was recently installed but does not show up in the list. Repeat the process after the first launch. Restart your Mac and begin this guide from the beginning if it is still not listed.