How to delete the history on Safari

Safari, like all web browsers, automatically saves a list of the websites you have visited. You can delete the history on Safari at any time and we explain here how to do it.



You may wish to delete your Safari browsing history if you value your privacy. Safari keeps track of the sites you check out and compiles a list of your favorites. Use this fast guide to undo all these procedures.

How to clear the history on Safari

First of all, launch Safari.

  • Then click History in the Safari menu.
  • Select the Clear History line from the context menu.
  • A popup appears, allowing you to choose the time period in your history that you wish to remove.

When you do this, not only will your browser’s history be deleted, but so will your most-visited sites, search terms, downloaded content (not files), and any sites that have requested access to your GPS coordinates or push notifications.