How to Hide Apps, Photos, and Files on Android

Safeguards should be in place if personal or business information is stored on an Android smartphone.



The smartphone is an integral element of our personal space; it’s where we keep all our intimate details safe and secure. To ensure that no one harmful or part of our inner circle may access our vital data, we must maintain full control over it.

Encrypting your device to safeguard it with a code, scheme, or fingerprint sensor is a viable option; nonetheless, it is not sufficient since none of these methods provide complete security. There are various personal and professional situations in which you may want to conceal information from prying eyes. Anyone who uses your phone without your permission might potentially get access to sensitive information or content that is inappropriate for their age group.

Learn in this new article how to conceal data on your Android phone for private or professional usage.

How to hide files on your Android

In most circumstances, our cellphones are incapable of concealing our little secrets. So we’ll need to get an app from the Play Store to assist us with this.


Your first time using the app necessitates signing up and activating a code. It will prompt you for it every time you exit the program, even if you don’t close it. The editor claims that the encryption is “military-grade” and that the fingerprint sensor can be used.

When we use the publisher’s cloud storage for our images, we can easily share them across all of our gadgets. This functionality, however, is only available in the more expensive plan.

Follow these instructions to protect your photographs from unauthorized eyes.

  • Press the “+” at the bottom right and go to import photos
  • You can then select the images you want to secure by pressing them one after the other
  • You can also save an entire album if you feel like it

It’s important to remember that the app is not limited to dealing with photographs; it can accommodate a wide variety of files and acts as something of a digital safe. However, none of the existing options resolve the issue of concealing apps.

Hide applications on your Android

Nova Launcher

There are several reasons why you should conceal programs on your smartphone. It may be beneficial for professional reasons or to keep youngsters from accessing programs that are inappropriate for their age.

There are other ways to achieve its goals; nevertheless, the one provided by the editor of Nova is exceptionally straightforward and obvious. It’s worth noting that the trick is only available to premium subscribers. Here are the actions to do after installing it.

  • Nova Launcher download
  • Navigate to the app drawer
  • At the top, choose “Nova Settings”
  • Navigate to “App drawer”
  • At the very bottom, there are drawer groups labeled “Hide apps”; just tick the ones you want to hide

Hide folders manually without application

Simply renaming a folder is enough to make it invisible in most mobile file managers. To be honest, this is not the best ploy to use. Hiding a folder is as easy as adding a period to its name.

Then, the software that accesses them won’t be able to tell what kinds of files (pictures, music, etc.) are stored therein. Though this trick is a clever little method, we wouldn’t advise using it to safeguard your most sensitive information.


To a large extent, your smartphone and digital life may be protected by these measures. As the first line of defense against unauthorized use of your smartphone, remember to lock it while you’re not using it. The widespread availability of fingerprint sensors will serve to improve the safety of our most prized devices.

Even if every safety measure is taken to protect sensitive information, keep in mind that even the best security measures can’t guarantee that everything is completely safe.

The importance of having a copy of the data stored elsewhere is another factor to think about. Even if your data is encrypted on your smartphone, losing it might still be a major hassle. One consideration is that you may not have direct access to it.

Lastly, you can find other apps on the Play Store that do the same things.