How to Use Hot Corners on a Mac

Let’s find out how you can configure the Hot Corners on your Mac in this guide.



In macOS, you may easily access features like the screen saver and the applications by using the so-called Hot Corners. Anytime the mouse is positioned over one of the four corners of the screen, the corresponding action is immediately carried out, without the need for any further key combinations or menu navigation. This may be a huge time saver and practicality. You’ll learn how to set up the Hot Corners in whatever way you choose.

How to configure the Hot Corners on Mac

How to use Hot Corners on a Mac
  1. First, enter System Preferences. To do this, you can use the Spotlight search or run it from the “Applications” folder. Then click on “Mission Control”.
mac hot2
  1. Then, go to “Hot Corners…” at the bottom left.
How to use Hot Corners on a Mac
  1. In this section, you can specify a behavior for any of the four edges. You can do this by clicking on the corner and then selecting the appropriate action.
mac hot4
  1. Advice: You may disable accidental actions by assigning command keys as triggers, which will prevent the action from being performed when the mouse is moved to the corner. Then, only pressing this key simultaneously will trigger the action. You can use [Cmd], [Alt] or [Option] + [Ctrl], or any combination of those three keys. Just like Step 3, while holding down the key(s), pick the desired function.
mac hot5
  1. If you are happy with the placement of the functions, click on the “OK” button at the bottom right. Now your Mac will perform the chosen action when you move the mouse cursor to a corner and press the specified key if necessary.


  1. Click on “Mission Control” in the Mac’s System Preferences.
  2. At the bottom left, click on “Hot Corners…”.
  3. Set a desired action for one or more of the four screen corners.
  4. Tip: Hold down [Cmd], [Alt] or [Option], [Ctrl] or a combination of the keys while selecting a function for a corner to set that key(s) as a trigger. You must then hold down the selected key(s) to execute it via the corner – this prevents unwanted activations.
  5. Click “OK” to save the settings.