iOS 16.1: New apps should launch faster in the future

When you install a new app on your iPhone, you need to be prepared for lengthy download times when the app first launches. This will be avoided in the future thanks to a new option in iOS 16.1.



Since mid-September 2022, Apple’s mobile operating system iOS 16 has been updated. The company is already hard at work behind the scenes on improvements. In October, iOS 16.1 is expected to provide the first significant enhancements. A third beta version of iOS 16 is presently available. Some users have uncovered a useful feature that might make many users’ lives simpler in the future. In iOS 16.1, there is a new button named “Automatic Downloads” under the menu “App Store.”

iOS 16.1 – Automatic Downloads

Complete downloads, including additional content

When you enable this function, your iPhone will download not only the related app, but also any other material necessary for its functioning. During the first download, many apps will only include the fundamentals. Games, for example, often download large data packages when initially launched, which are required to fully use them. But this may be pretty troublesome. If you launch a newly downloaded app while traveling and not connected to Wi-Fi, the extra background download may significantly consume your data plan.

This new function is also for macOS Ventura

When the mobile network coverage is poor at the time, the download tends to take a long time, making the initial launch of the app a waiting game. If you have disabled large downloads over the mobile network, you may not be able to launch the game or app at all. To prevent such unpleasant things, you can utilize the new feature to guarantee that new applications get all they need to function properly. Regardless of network availability, this new feature makes the initial launch of the app substantially smoother. The option for automatic downloading is also included in the current beta of macOS Ventura, so Mac users should benefit from it as well.