iPhone 14: Is it worth buying?

Even if it’s the newest model, you should stay away from iPhone 14. Instead, grab any other iPhone.


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Even if it’s the newest model, you should stay away from the regular 6.1-inch iPhone 14. Instead, grab any other iPhone. You may be wondering whether the new iPhone 14 is worth it after yesterday’s Apple event. In all honesty, there is no universally correct answer. The iPhone 14 has some new features, but you should consider whether the iPhone 13 wouldn’t meet your needs just fine.

New, but still old

The sole difference between the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 is the color of the case. The A15 Bionic, first introduced with the iPhone 13, has been repurposed for the iPhone 14. Buyers of the new iPhone 14 should therefore not expect a significant performance advantage – as in past years. If aesthetics and performance have nothing new to offer, how does the 14 differ from the 13?

Unfortunately, they are available only in a few places, and the vast majority of them are unavailable outside the US, and Canada. In the United States, Apple has eliminated the need for a SIM card altogether, ushering in a new era known as eSIM. It is really bad that this functionality is not yet offered in most of Europe. Like the new satellite communication function that lets you make emergency calls in the United States and Canada even when you’re out of range of a cellular network. Apple has not stated whether and when the functionality would arrive in Europe.

A new feature hopefully you will never need it

The new function, called “Crash Detection” was unveiled by Apple during the presentation. According to Apple, iPhone 14 can automatically dial 911 and inform emergency contacts if it detects a major traffic accident. The iPhone 14’s upgraded sensors enable this new functionality. Yet Apple hopes that this function will never be used.

The camera and battery life have also been tweaked for the better. The front camera now supports autofocus, and the flash now comes with better shutter synchronization.

Is it worth purchasing the regular iPhone 14?

Based on whatever model you now use, it may be worth purchasing it. If you have an iPhone 12 or 13, you should just keep your hands off the iPhone 14. In theory, any iPhone older than the 12th generation would still be useful. Instead of getting an iPhone 14, you could get an iPhone 13, which is less expensive and just as excellent.

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