macOS: How to Put Your Favorite Apps in Menu Bar

It’s no secret that one of macOS’s nicest features is the menu bar.



Whether for business or curiosity, there are usually a few websites that you visit many times every day. Whether social media, news websites, search engines, or other services. There are easier methods to locate them with a single click than using the bookmarks on your browser.

How to Put Your Favorite Apps in Menu Bar

The MenubarX program is a powerful, no-cost utility that we’ve discovered. You may add one or more website icons to the menu bar of macOS for fast access.

macos menu bar

The display can be adjusted per tab so that the called website occupies only the necessary part of the screen. You can change the definition and the associated user agent (the browser information shared with the servers). Automatic refresh, use of shortcuts, bookmarks, and more. Many options are available.

macos menu bar

The bottom toolbar enables you to open new tabs and bookmarks. You may also launch new tabs by pressing cmd + N (⌘N), which adds a new MenubarX icon to the menu bar.

The smartphone icon allows you to adjust the form and size of the window. You may pick mobile devices (iOS, Android, Kindle) and desktops under the “User Agent” menu option (Mac, Windows PC).

If you pick iOS as the base, you may also choose between several iPhone models to get the optimal resolution for the specified window size. It is recommended using iOS as the user agent, especially if the website does not need much space, since the website display is thus optimized for vertical viewing.