Microsoft Edge for Business Launches Next Week

Microsoft Edge for Business, the new, dedicated work experience currently in preview for the Microsoft Edge browser, is planned to be released with Microsoft Edge stable version 116 (scheduled for the week of August 17, 2023).


microsoft edge business

During the Build 2023 event, Microsoft unveiled an innovative feature set aimed at elevating the work experience within its browser, Microsoft Edge. This comprehensive enhancement is aptly christened “Microsoft Edge for Business.” With a dedicated browser window, a distinct icon, and intuitive visual cues, this tailored experience seamlessly integrates enterprise-grade features, security measures, and productivity tools that users have grown accustomed to and appreciate.

A pivotal facet of this evolution is the integration of Microsoft Edge for Business through the Entra ID platform (previously known as Azure Active Directory). By simply signing in with your Entra ID account, users will unlock this enriched browsing experience.

The official release of Microsoft Edge for Business is set to coincide with the stable version 116 of Microsoft Edge, slated for launch during the week of August 17, 2023. With this release, several significant enhancements will be introduced:

Visually distinct work browserNatively built-in rich enterprise controls for secure data access and leak prevention powered by Microsoft Entra ID with refreshed visual treatment.Public preview
Enterprise personal browserA lightly managed personal browser (MSA Profile) that lets you access your favorite non-work sites and services without compromising safety for the enterprise.Public Preview
Automatic switchingAutomatically separates work and personal browsing into dedicated browser windows with their own separate caches and storage locations, so information stays separate.Limited functionality in public preview
Unmanaged BYOPCSecure and compliant access to work resources on personal computers with DLP controls.Public Preview
(See following onboarding instructions)
Company brandingIncrease familiarity and trust with company branding in the work browser window.Coming soon
Microsoft Edge for Business.

The advent of hybrid work scenarios has brought forth challenges in maintaining the demarcation between work and personal browsing while upholding privacy and security. The predicament of segregating browsing history and credentials without compromising either personal privacy or organizational security has led to a proliferation of multiple browsers, inadvertently fostering an environment susceptible to cyber threats and user frustration.

Microsoft Edge for Business addresses this conundrum by ingeniously bifurcating work and personal browsing into distinct browser windows, each with its own cache and storage repositories. This bifurcation ensures the separation and safeguarding of sensitive information. When engaging with work-related websites such as Microsoft 365 apps, or sites demanding work authentication, the work browser window takes center stage. On the other hand, engaging with popular sites unrelated to work ushers in the personal browser window. Moreover, this behavior is customizable, allowing users to determine the specific sites allocated to each window.

With Microsoft Edge for Business, seamless toggling between the work and personal browser windows becomes a reality, granting users the convenience of maintaining their context and productivity without compromise. This innovative feature set showcases Microsoft’s commitment to delivering solutions that harmonize productivity, security, and user experience in today’s dynamic work landscape.