Microsoft Edge: How to Disable Visual search

Microsoft Edge’s new “Visual search” tool may be turned off if it slows down your browser too much.


Microsoft Edge: How to disable Visual search

Using the “Visual search” function, you may search the web for any random image that appears on the current page you’re viewing. The Edge browser now has a built-in reverse image search function, which returns relevant results when an image is searched for.

However, not everyone will find this to be a very helpful feature. It’s reasonable if you wish to deactivate it for the sake of maximizing the efficiency of your browser. Before, it was necessary to activate the function to utilize it, but now that’s no longer the case. It seems that Microsoft is now forcing the functionality onto its customers by automatically turning it on. Microsoft Edge has this functionality activated by default, so turning it off will require some work on your part. Okay, let’s check out the procedure.

How to disable Visual search in Microsoft Edge

Edge’s “Visual search” option, which shows when you hover over an image, and the right-click menu both allow you to do visual image searches. You have the option of turning off either one or both of them.

Microsoft Edge: How to disable Visual search

To begin, please open your computer’s Microsoft Edge browser. Then go to “Settings”.


Afterwards, choose ‘Appearance’ from the window’s left sidebar menu.


The ‘Context menus’ subheading will be down below, so keep scrolling.


Then, if you don’t want to see “Visual search” when you right-click an image in the browser, you may turn it off by toggling the bar next to it.


To further optimize your experience, you may turn off the ‘Show visual search on picture hover’ toggle button. Only a small number of websites can benefit from this function, but the ones that can do so will have a major impact on your experience overall.

That’s all there is to it if you want to turn off “Visual search” in Microsoft Edge. Take use of this to have a more streamlined, effective, and personalized web surfing experience.