Newest PS5 Firmware Includes 1440p and Improve Game Library Lists

Monitor owners previously had to rely on their display’s ability to simulate 4K output in order to get a crisp picture from the PS5.


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You may get the P55’s fresh firmware update starting today. The update comes with several new features, such as a 1440p option and updates to the game library. The PlayStation 5 has recently received a system software update. The “22.02-” firmware is 1.086 GB in size and comes with a number of new features.

Lists can now be created for the game library

You long for the PS4’s folders. A suitable substitute are the new lists in the PS5 game library. 100 games may fit inside a maximum of 15 of them that you can make.

Want to see some use cases? For instance, you may construct a tiny retro collection, make a pile of games you still need to finish, or list your favorite multiplayer games.

Finally, 1440p monitors are supported

Monitor owners previously had to rely on their display’s ability to simulate 4K output in order to get a crisp picture from the PS5. This is no longer the case, and the system settings’ “Display and Video” section allows you to choose a 1440p output resolution. This implies that every game looks clear on a 1440p display.

Additionally, the update completes The Last of Us remake’s feature set, which natively displays 1440p on 1440p monitors to avoid scaling artifacts in performance mode.

120Hz but no VRR

Gamers may utilize the high frame rate on the PS5 in 1440p mode on gaming monitors with a 120Hz or higher display. It is not possible to activate variable frame rates (VRR), which provide a smooth gaming experience with varying frame rates in games. This is mostly due to the PS5’s inability to support AMD’s FreeSync, the most widely used VRR standard for displays.

These more new features are included in the update:

  • You may ask friends for screen transfer.
  • You will get a message allowing you to join a gaming session right away if you start a game that someone else in your PlayStation party is currently playing.
  • In the “Game Base” text chat, you may send animated stickers and audio messages.
  • You will be able to access their profiles more rapidly in the future if you create new friends through the PSN.
  • The main page of the PS5 menu has a more visible integration of game activities.
  • In the PS5’s sound menu, 3D audio and traditional stereo sound may be compared.
  • You will get a message as soon as assistance for a game becomes available.
  • The sender of the text message may be revealed with only one keystroke.
  • Videos that are recommended to you include markers that indicate why; for instance, whether it is a speed run or another noteworthy accomplishment.
  • The Internet browser includes two zoom functions: It is possible to zoom in on the whole page, but only in ways that preserve the layout. Alternately, the whole page may be zoomed in regardless of the arrangement.
  • Voice commands may be used to control the YouTube search, but only in English and with PSN accounts from the US or UK.
  • From this point forward, the screen reader will interpret potential controller instructions and may be used more easily.
  • Alternative button assignments are shown in the unlock screen if your console is protected by a controller passcode.

How to get the update

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The PS5 update should typically start downloading automatically the next time you turn it on. You’ll get a notice to install the updated system software when the download is finished.

Simply go to the PS5’s settings menu, pick “System,” then select the submenu “System Software,” and then look for “System Software Update and Settings” if you’ve blocked automatic downloads. At the top, there is a button for updating the system software.

You may also download the update from Sony’s official support website and install it using a USB stick if your PS5 is not online.

So it is absolutely worthwhile to obtain the most recent system update! A useful improvement is the game lists, which make it easier to manage libraries that have become congested over time.

Source: PlayStation Blog