Samsung to Produce Advanced Gen 8 OLED Screens for MacBook Pro Ahead of Rivals

In a significant development, Samsung has revealed its commitment to manufacture an advanced OLED display for the MacBook Pro, set to be available by 2025.


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In a groundbreaking development, Samsung Display has announced plans to manufacture advanced Gen 8 OLED screens for the MacBook Pro, set to be available as early as 2025. This move puts Samsung ahead of its competitors and defies earlier predictions regarding the timeline for such a release. Gen 8 OLED screens, though challenging to produce for large devices, offer remarkable advantages such as lower power consumption, variable refresh rates, and superior display quality, all while optimizing battery life.

The Challenge of Gen 8 OLED Manufacturing

Manufacturing Gen 8 OLED screens for larger devices presents formidable obstacles due to the high cost of setting up factory lines and the considerable time investment required. Consequently, screen manufacturers have been hesitant to invest in this technology. Concerns arose in the Mac industry in 2023, as declining Mac sales cast doubt on the quantity of screens Apple would order and the price it would be willing to pay for them.

Samsung Display Leads the Way

Breaking the mold, Samsung Display has taken the bold step of investing in Gen 8 OLED production. Although LG Display and possibly BOE may follow suit, LG Display has encountered delays due to the losses incurred during its transition from LCD to OLED technology. Additionally, BOE is currently facing challenges in producing iPhone screens. Samsung Display has already acquired the necessary equipment for the manufacturing process, positioning itself as the frontrunner.

The Timeline for Gen 8 OLED Production

According to reports from The Elec, Samsung Display intends to commence production of Gen 8 OLED screens within the next two to three years. Setting up a manufacturing line and bringing it up to speed usually takes around a year. Samsung’s investment in the required equipment ensures that it can achieve this timeline. Consequently, Samsung Display anticipates manufacturing Gen 8 OLED screens between mid-2025 and mid-2026. In contrast, LG Display has not yet acquired the necessary manufacturing equipment, indicating a potential delay of at least one year behind Samsung Display.

LG Display’s Assured Orders

Despite potential delays, LG Display has received positive news in the form of guaranteed orders from Apple, as stated by UBI Research’s Choong Hoon Yi at a Seoul seminar. However, the same assurance cannot be extended to BOE, which is not guaranteed to secure orders from Apple.

Gen 8 OLED Screens: A Technological Leap

Currently, manufacturers are producing Gen 6 OLED screens primarily for devices such as the iPhone. Eighth-generation screens are manufactured in larger sheets, measuring 2200x2500mm, compared to the 1500x1850mm dimensions of their sixth-generation counterparts. The larger initial sheets enable the production of more MacBook Pro-sized displays, providing increased flexibility in the manufacturing process.

Countering Claims of Delays

The recent claim that Apple would delay the release of a MacBook Pro featuring Gen 8 OLED screens until 2027 contradicts the report from The Elec. It suggests that Apple is actively pursuing the integration of this cutting-edge technology, aligning with Samsung Display’s plans for an earlier launch.

By investing in Gen 8 OLED technology, Samsung Display is positioning itself as a trailblazer in the display manufacturing industry. The advent of these advanced screens will not only revolutionize the MacBook Pro user experience but also set a new benchmark for display quality, power efficiency, and enhanced visual performance. With Samsung Display leading the charge, consumers can eagerly anticipate the arrival of the highly anticipated MacBook Pro featuring Gen 8 OLED screens in the near future.