Use Bing Image Creator to Create AI Images

Microsoft is now venturing into the realm of AI image generation with Bing Image Creator.


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AI is undoubtedly a permanent fixture in our lives, offering various benefits. Whether you’re looking to enhance productivity or bring your creative ideas to life, AI tools can assist you in achieving those goals. Two well-known AI text-to-image generators are Dall-E and Midjourney. However, Microsoft is now venturing into the realm of AI image generation with Bing Image Creator.

Microsoft has been incorporating AI into various services, beginning with Bing Chat. In this comprehensive tutorial, we will explore all the essential details about Bing Image Creator and provide instructions on how to generate visually appealing images. Let’s commence our journey into this topic.

What Is Bing Image Creator

Microsoft has developed the Bing Image Creator as a means to expand the user community of its search engine, Bing. Utilizing OpenAI’s Dall-E, the Bing AI image generator provides users with access to the same service features without any subscription fees. Moreover, there are several added advantages to utilizing Bing’s AI tool instead of Dall-E:

  • Users can generate images beyond the weekly limit.
  • Utilizing Microsoft Rewards points can speed up the image generation process.
  • Seamless integration with Microsoft Designer allows for enhanced customization options.

At the time of creating this manual, Bing Image Creator was still in the developmental stage and may produce errors in the output. Presently, users are limited to using prompts in English for image generation and can access this service exclusively through the Edge browser. Continue reading to discover the process.

How to Create Images With Bing Image Creator

Using the Bing AI image generator is as effortless as engaging in a conversation with Bing Chat. Let me guide you on how to utilize the Bing Image Generator.

Create an Account on Bing Image Creator

  1. Open Bing AI Image Creator on Edge browser using the link below.

Open Bing Image Creator

  1. Choose ‘Join & Create.’
microsoft image creator ai
  1. Use your Microsoft ID to log in. If you have already signed in to the Edge browser, you will be automatically logged in.

Create Images With Bing Chat

  1. Open Bing Image Creator on Edge using the link below.

Open Bing Image Creator

  1. Enter the description you desire for AI art creation using Bing AI by typing it into the dialogue box.
  1. After entering the prompt, simply click on the Create button.
microsoft edge ai image creator
  1. Please be patient while the AI generates the image you requested. Furthermore, you can find the browsing history of Bing Image Creator in the right-hand sidebar. Simply click on any of them to revisit them.

Edit Images Created Using Bing AI Image Generator

Unlike Dall-E, the images created with Bing Chat cannot be edited after their creation. However, there is a solution available for editing them using Microsoft Designer. Here’s how you can access it:

  1. Open the image you want to edit.
  2. Click Customize.
microsoft edge ai dall e image
  1. Once you click on Generate, you will be directed to Microsoft Designer. In the dialogue box, kindly indicate the modifications you would like to make.
  2. Microsoft Designer will present several suggestions on the right-hand side. Should they be suitable, you have the option to click and select them.
microsoft edge designer ai

Nonetheless, there is room for enhancement in comparison to Dall-E, as it allows users to make edits directly to the image. In contrast, Microsoft Designer only permits edits to be made outside the image, such as adjusting margins or designing greeting cards.

Download Images Created Using Bing AI Image Creator

  1. Open the image created inside Bing AI.To download the image, choose Download.
edge ai image jpg
  1. Click on “Save as,” choose the location where you want to save the file, and select the save button.

FAQs on Bing Image Creator

Is there a waiting list for accessing the Bing Image Creator?

No, there is no waiting list for using the Bing Image Creator. You can start using it immediately by using the Edge browser.

As stated in Bing’s official terms and conditions, users are permitted to use the images created with Bing Image Creator for personal, non-commercial purposes without infringing any copyright laws.

Are there any limitations on the use of Bing Image Creator?

There is a weekly limit of 100 tokens for generating images through Bing Chat. Once these tokens are exhausted, the generation speed will decrease. However, users can still continue using the tool to create AI art.