How to Use iPhone as Microphone for Mac

Enhance your Mac recording setup by learning how to use your iPhone as a high-quality microphone. Follow our step-by-step guide to achieve professional-level audio.


iphone microphone on macos

Even though the MacBook boasts its own prowess, it is nothing compared to the iPhone’s audio and visual splendor. Luckily, a remedy exists, whereby your iPhone can double up as a microphone for your macOS. This connection can be effortlessly established by following the uncomplicated guidelines provided herewith, facilitating seamless linkage between your iPhone and Mac. This, in turn, grants you the ability to effortlessly record top-tier audio quality.

In order to set up your iPhone as the primary microphone for your Mac, the following prerequisites need to be met:

1. Your iPhone model should be XR or newer, and it should be operating on iOS 16 or a later version.
2. Your Mac must be running macOS 13 Ventura or a subsequent version.
3. Both your iPhone and Mac should be logged in using the same Apple ID.
4. Ensure that Bluetooth is activated on both devices, and keep your iPhone in close proximity to the Mac.

To utilize your iPhone as the microphone for your Mac, it is necessary to activate the Continuity camera feature on both devices. Subsequently, follow a few additional steps to complete the setup process.

How to Use iPhone as a Microphone on Mac

How to Use iPhone as Microphone for Mac
  1. Initiate the Settings application on your iPhone.
  2. Access the General section, then proceed to Airplay & Handoff.
  3. Activate the Continuity Camera option by toggling it into the enabled position.
macos iphone microphone continuity camera
  1. Now, on your Mac, click the Apple () and go to System Settings.
  2. Click Sound on the left panel and Select Input.
  3. Choose your iPhone from the list.
  4. That’s it! Your iPhone will emit a sound signal and present a “Connected to…” interface, indicating that you are now fully prepared to utilize your iPhone as a wireless microphone for your Mac.

Benefits of Using iPhone as the Default Mic for Mac

There are several compelling reasons to opt for using your iPhone as a microphone for your Mac. Here are a few practical benefits to consider:

  1. Enhanced Audio Quality: The microphone incorporated into your iPhone typically boasts superior quality compared to the one integrated into your Mac. This translates to the ability to capture more precise and accurate audio when engaging in activities such as recording or streaming on your Mac. Leveraging your iPhone as a microphone can thus elevate the overall audio experience.
  2. Convenient Accessibility: Given that most individuals carry their iPhones with them at all times, employing them as microphones for their Macs becomes a seamless and convenient option. This negates the need for an extra microphone or concerns about cable connections. As a result, valuable time is saved, and potential complications are minimized.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Utilizing your existing iPhone as a microphone for your Mac can represent a cost-effective alternative. This becomes especially pertinent when compared to the expense of procuring a high-end external microphone. This approach proves particularly advantageous if your microphone needs are intermittent.
  4. Professional-grade Recordings: The iPhone’s exceptional audio capabilities empower you to effortlessly generate professional-level recordings. This holds true regardless of whether you’re an amateur or a burgeoning audio enthusiast. By harnessing the top-notch audio performance of your iPhone, you can achieve polished recordings with ease.

In summary, employing your iPhone as a microphone for your Mac extends notable advantages, encompassing elevated audio quality, convenience, cost savings, and the potential for professional-grade recordings – irrespective of your proficiency level.