How to Use Picture in Picture Mode in Safari on Mac 

Want to use Picture-in-Picture for your preferred videos on your Mac. With the suggestions in this article, you can take advantage of this feature on YouTube or on the Mac system as a whole.


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Are you fond of adding variety to your work routine by indulging in video breaks? If so, then the ideal solution for you is the Picture in Picture function, particularly if you’re utilizing a single screen for your tasks. This attribute grants you the ability to relish your preferred videos without disrupting your workflow.

It’s worth highlighting that Mac users benefit from a built-in Picture in Picture capability that seamlessly operates within Safari. This eliminates the need to grapple with the inconvenience of installing third-party add-ons on your macOS system. This article has comprehensively elaborated on various methods to effectively use Picture-in-Picture mode when using Safari on a macOS computer.

What is Picture in Picture Mode on Mac?

The functionality of Picture in Picture permits websites to display streaming videos within a compact, hovering frame while you engage with another page on Safari. Furthermore, this PiP frame lingers persistently on your display, unaffected by the opening of any other applications. Consequently, you have the ability to partake in video content consumption while simultaneously tending to other tasks.

While the activation of PiP mode within Safari is viable for any website featuring video content, the methodology for its implementation can diverge based on individual websites. As a result, acquainting yourself with the distinct approaches to utilizing Picture in Picture mode on a Mac is advisable.

How to Use Safari Picture in Picture Mode on YouTube on Mac

The integrated YouTube player features a distinct pop-out symbol within the playback menu, distinct from the PiP mode. This compact viewer enables you to enjoy videos while simultaneously browsing through other video content. However, it vanishes once you navigate beyond the confines of YouTube’s environment.

  1. Initiate playback of the desired video to activate Picture-in-Picture mode.
  2. Perform a control-click or right-click on the video twice.
  3. Select the “Picture in Picture” option.
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Once chosen, the designated video will detach from Safari and persistently play within a compact, floating window situated at the edge of your screen. You retain the ability to control playback, including playing or pausing the PiP video, through YouTube’s dedicated playback menu.

How to Enable Picture in Picture Mode Using Playback Menu on Mac

Similar to YouTube, a handful of video streaming platforms offer direct access to the Picture in Picture mode through the playback menu. Thus, the only requirement is to tap on the mini-player icon within the playback menu once a video is in progress. Once in PiP mode, the subsequent procedures mirror the steps employed in the YouTube approach.

How to Use Picture in Picture in Safari from Address Bar on Mac

Having gained an understanding of how to activate PiP mode on YouTube and make use of the Playback menu, let’s proceed to our third technique. You can promptly engage Picture in Picture mode on a Mac by utilizing the mute button located on the Safari Address Bar.

  1. Initiate the playback of your video.
  2. Perform a right-click or use the Control-click method on the Mute icon situated within the Address Bar.
  3. Proceed to select the option labeled Enter Picture in Picture.
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How to Use Picture in Picture via Safari Extension on Mac

If you seek the fastest route to enable Picture in Picture mode on Safari for Mac, a third-party Safari extension is the optimal solution to meet your needs.

  1. Open Safari, then access the menu bar and click on “Safari.”
  2. From there, choose the option for Safari Extensions.
safari extensions picture in picture macos
  1. Type “Picture in Picture” in the search box and download a plugin of your choice.
picture in picture extension for macos safari
  1. After installation, return to Safari where you will find the choice to activate the extension. Alternatively, you can open the Safari menu and navigate to Settings.
safari picture in picture pipifier
  1. Visit the website and start playing your video. Then, click on the PiP extension located next to the address bar.
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Engaging with a crucial document while simultaneously enjoying a delightful video through Picture in Picture mode can swiftly alleviate boredom. PiP serves as a means to evade the Split View alternative and sidestep the inconvenience of launching a fresh window. This functionality is also conveniently available on Apple TV and iPhones running iOS 14 or a more recent version.